She began her dance studies in classical dance at 5 years old and concluded in 2007 the Dance Degree by Escola Superior de Dança de Lisboa (IPL). She is a teacher of contemporary dance and creative dance in different spaces and educational contexts. In 2010, she joined the Arsenale della Danza, a training center in contemporary dance at the Venice Biennial.

Of her works she highlights Fase dispersa – Mostra Estufa (2018) and Erm – FIS · Festival International de Solos (2016), both Poeta de Gandia productions. uma forma quase cilíndrica by Companhia Ao Vento with debut in Corrente Alterna (2013). At the same time she collaborates with several artists in different projects, such as: Dame du Cirque by (2017), MESA by Ana Renata Polónia (2014), uma forma quase cilíndrica by Teresa Santos / Companhia Ao Vento, You Who Will In No Other Way by Circumstance (2013), la femme inconnue by Jean Daniel Fricker (2012), Limites by Companhia Ao Vento (2012), 30por1linha and O Homem que só pensava em números by Pedro Carvalho / Companhia Instável (2011), entre todas as coisas by Teresa Prima (2011) and Oxygen by Ismael Ivo (2010).

In 2011 she co-foundended Ventos e Tempestades, in which she works as choreographer, interpreter and educator. She’s one of FIS · Festival Internacional de Solos organizers since it began in 2015.

In the photography she finds a form of visual expression. She begins by making scene photography as, combining her taste for image and performing arts. In 2017 she attends the On the Road workshop with Nikos Economopoulos / Magnum Photos where she delves into a more personal approach to photography: Grito Imagens.

She nourishes, in parallel, the personal projects Lota (seam) and Nablas (sound gradients).