Teresa Santos (Vila do Conde, 1985) begins her dance studies in classical dance at 5 years old and in 2007 concludes the Dance Degree in Dance Education, by Escola Superior de Dança de Lisboa (IPL). In 2010, she joins Arsenale della Danza, a training center in contemporary dance at the Venice Biennial. Of her choreographic works she highlights Fase dispersa with debut at Mostra Estufa (2018) and Erm with debut at FIS · Festival International de Solos (2016), both Poeta de Gandia productions. At the same time she collaborates with several artists in different projects, such as: Dame du Cirque by (2017), MESA by Ana Renata Polónia (2014), uma forma quase cilíndrica by Teresa Santos / Companhia Ao Vento, You Who Will In No Other Way by Circumstance (2013), la femme inconnue by Jean Daniel Fricker (2012), Limites by Companhia Ao Vento (2012), 30por1linha and O Homem que só pensava em números by Pedro Carvalho / Companhia Instável (2011), entre todas as coisas by Teresa Prima (2011) and Oxygen by Ismael Ivo (2010).
In 2017 she attends the On the Road workshop with Nikos Economopoulos / Magnum Photos where she delves into a more personal approach to photography, concretized at Grito Imagens. Órgão de Grafia (writing), Lota (seam) and Nablas (sound gradients) are parallel and complementary projects.
In 2011 she co-founds, a multimedia project for artists, with Dídac Gilabert. In the same year she co-founds Ventos e Tempestades – Associação Cultural, in which she works as choreographer, interpreter and educator. She’s one of FIS · Festival Internacional de Solos organizers since it’s beginnings at 2015.

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