Fase dispersa

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In the context of this project I understand by fase dispersa (dispersed phase) the object that is in relation with the body and that causes the movement. The object manipulation appears as an extension of the body itself and its restlessness, placing it in a state or quality of consciousness. The dance appears as a vestige in a rooted body. To what extent do these languages complement or nullify? What is its potential and significance? Conception, direction, text, voice and interpretation of Teresa Santos, original music by Dídac Gilabert, light design by Dídac Gilabert and Teresa Santos, photography by Nuno Leites and vintiset.net and production by Grito imagens.

Presentations: Cabaret de Circo da ESMAE, Trengo Festival de Circo do Porto, Mostra Estufa by Companhia Erva Daninha and Circo na Rúa in Santiago de Compostela.

Nuno Leites

The emptiness of the observer
It is in the dark illumination of a closed bridge for works that I realize the emptiness. From the space once occupied by both trays, there remains a nothingness inhabited only by air. Where before there was a space of restraint and encounter, there is now a verticality that, in its perfect parallelism, removes any possibility of touch and accomplice murmurs. There remains a cry in the void, lost in the indifference of the air that only separates. Until someone arranges it or gravity dictates its rules, since, for itself, the bridge can do nothing but wait.

Teresa Santos