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Flat element that sustains in its horizontality all the objects and actions that define a meal, MESA is omnipresent from its making to its sharing, having gradually ritualized this animal act in a social moment. It is a space in itself, which changes according to the bodies that act on it, allowing the focus of different perspectives. What defines it? What movements are welcome? What interactions arouse us? This is a subversive analysis of the everyday space that transports the evolution of a society over it. Creation and interpretation by Ana Renata Polónia, co-creation and interpretation by Teresa Santos, support for creation, light and sound design by Dídac Gilabert, photography by Rui Manuel Vieira.

Support: Vo’Arte, TNSJ, Fábrica de Movimentos and Fundação de Serralves. Presentations: Mostra desNORTE / Preview MAP/P, Serralves em Festa, Casa-Atelier José Marques da Silva and MITO – Mostra Intergeracional de Teatro em Ovar.

Rui Manuel Vieira
Ana Renata Polónia, Dídac Gilabert and Teresa Santos