You Who Will In No Other Way

Participação na performance You Who Will In No Other Way de Circumstance no Serralves em Festa.

Who is the one in front? Can she see me? What happens if she does? Can she possibly be (in) my future? At what distance is future? Will I ever change? Why should I wish another version of me in the future? What’s wrong with the present? In the future, will I walk carefully like if every ground was sacred? Why don’t these petals seem to grow old or die? Am I like them? Is my mind like this blur glass? Is my presence changing anything in this room? What does my past want from me? I feel it’s presence in my back. Can I reach the future? Do I love my past, my present and my future? Do they even exist? How far away are them? How far away is my love? I’m suspicious about my future, what happens if I don’t look? Should I warn my past about my future? Will it make any difference? My future is like this white wall. I see a good future, but what about the path? Should I keep going, should I change? What’s the way to meet my future? Is it in sharp straight lines or in nice round curves? You in the mirror. You are welcome. I remember. Now I’m in a room without time references where the only things that exist are the marks of my presence. I feel presences passing and whispering. We connect through sounds. What is this sound? Does it hit or embrace? It makes me go on. What do they have to do with my future? What do these trees and clouds and birds and walls and lights have to do with my future? Who do I choose to be? What is important? What is life? What is death? What does me being here have to do with life and death? What does anything have to do with life and death? Is there any mystery? Are there any encounters while I’m here? Is there hope? How much pain should I still expect? How much joy? Do I really want to know my future? What is the time for invisible things? Past, present or future?
Teresa Santos


Performance de grupo nas ruas de Paris, com direcção de Jean Daniel Fricker.

Waves of cold space hitting in my loneliness, searching for my freedom, my silence. Milions of body’s eyes switch focus and worlds borders start dissolving, allowing to see and meet places beyond skin. How many are there dancing with us?
Teresa Santos


Apresentação de Zeif com coreografia de Teresa Santos e alunas da Turma de Dança Contemporânea da ACRM na 17ª Mostra de Dança da Escola de Dança do Centro Municipal de Juventude de Vila do Conde.

entre todas as coisas

Espectáculo de Teresa Prima em co-criação com Isabel Costa e Teresa Santos e sonoplastia de Baltazar Molina, apresentado no GUIdance. Segunda produção do Projecto B – trabalho de pesquisa, experimentação, sensibilização e criação movido pela busca do belo.



Interpretação de Oxygen de Ismael Ivo no contexto do Arsenale della Danza, no 7 Festival Internazionale di Danza Contemporanea de Venezia. Fotografia de Alvise Nicoletti.

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